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The Noble Times Hotel How much will Bobby Travel Agency go for?

How much will Bobby Travel Agency go for?

Travel agency Bobby Travel has been sold to an investment firm, according to a regulatory filing.

The firm, which has close ties to the travel industry, had previously said that the acquisition would close in 2021.

The company has about $2.8 billion in assets, according the filing, which said the deal would not be subject to the terms of a $2 billion loan guarantee.

Bobby Travel, based in Miami, is one of the world’s largest travel agencies.

The acquisition, which is subject to regulatory approvals, is expected to close by the end of 2021.

Bobby Travel has operated as a travel agency for more than 30 years.

Its portfolio includes charter, air, hotel, car rental, and charter plane services.

It has more than 200 locations around the world.

The company, which was founded in 1981 and has more experience than many of its competitors, has a history of successful expansion, according an internal memo obtained by Business Insider.

The memo said that Bobby Travel was valued at about $8.5 billion by the time of the deal, which closed in 2019.

The deal was valued as a net value of about $5.2 billion.

The memorandum said that this included the value of Bobby Travel’s equity and cash flow.

Bobby is currently owned by an investment group called JB Capital Partners, which also owns the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.

The Clippers have recently struggled to stay afloat, and the team is still waiting for an NBA team to relocate.

Bryan Fischer, the owner of the Clippers, also owns a travel business.

Fischer’s son, Mark Fischer, was a director of Bobby’s travel agency in 2012.

Mark Fischer also is a director at JB.

In a statement, the JB Group said it had no comment.

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