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How to Protect Yourself from ‘Social Justice Warriors’

By now, we’ve seen a lot of folks on social media criticizing Uber for not having a diversity policy, and the company has a long history of having policies that are anti-women, anti-LGBTQ, anti­black, and anti­immigrant. 

For the record, we do not endorse or condone the use of violence, and we condemn all acts of violence and hate that violate our principles.

If you would like to respond to these complaints and/or support Uber’s policy changes, please follow the instructions below. 


Support Uber’s Policies: We are a service that connects riders with passengers.

We don’t operate in the gray areas that have plagued some other ride-sharing services. 

Uber has been in the spotlight recently for the lack of policies on anti-discrimination, diversity, and inclusion, particularly with regard to sexual orientation. 

In response to the recent wave of negative media attention and complaints, Uber has begun rolling out a diversity and inclusion policy, which it is encouraging all riders to use. 

The policy is meant to ensure that all riders have equal access to rides, including for people who are transgender, black, and Asian, among other things. 

However, the policy has yet to be fully implemented. 

As a result, the Uber community is facing backlash. 

We have reached out to Uber to share our concerns, and will update this post if we hear back.

 If you are interested in learning more about our diversity and equity policies, you can read the full Uber statement on the company’s blog. 


Support the Anti-Racism Policy: We have seen a great deal of backlash from Uber customers who have voiced their concerns about the Uber anti-racism policy. 

While we are excited to have this new policy in place, we know that there are people who disagree with the policy.

The Uber anti–racism program includes a list of steps riders can take to ensure they are treated fairly, including following Uber’s anti-harassment and anti-violence policies. 

It’s important to note that we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves with our new policy, as we’re still working through a lot. 


Support Equality in the Workplace: This issue has also been a point of contention in the workplace, with many people claiming Uber discriminates against transgender people, who are often overlooked for jobs due to their gender identity. 

Since its launch, Uber says that it has added more than 200,000 people to the workforce, with the majority of those people coming in the form of people of color. 

There are a number of people on the anti–transgender list who are also concerned about the discrimination Uber is facing in the employment world. 

If this is something you are concerned about, please contact Uber directly to discuss how we can help you feel more comfortable working at Uber.


Support Fair Pay: Uber has made strides in making a lot more people on its platform pay equally.

However, there are still a lot people who feel the pay gap between women and men is still too low.

There are also concerns that the company isn’t doing enough to ensure people who work at Uber are treated with respect.

In addition, we have reached across our company to support our workers and our communities.

We are proud to be one of the largest and most diverse companies in the world, and in order to be fair to our employees, we’re working to make our workplaces more inclusive, safe, and accessible. 


Support Immigrants and People of Color: Uber has historically had a policy that does not recognize immigration status.

Although we’ve made strides to ensure all drivers are properly trained and certified, we still need to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities and protections.

One of the biggest problems that Uber faces is the lack a fair and equitable immigration system in the United States.

For those who are undocumented and are looking to work in the U.S., it is important to understand that we have a policy in our contract that requires our drivers to obtain a visa and pass a background check.

Uber has taken steps to ensure drivers are trained to be more welcoming to undocumented drivers. 

Additionally, Uber will not discriminate against a driver who is a legal resident of the United Kingdom or Ireland and is legally entitled to work. 


Support Women and Girls: Uber is one of America’s largest taxi companies. 

One of our core values is that we support women and girls and they should have the same opportunity that men do.

As a company, we are proud of our strong diversity policies that include policies that prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and that include language that prohibits harassment or bullying.

It is important for us to work with other companies to improve their policies, and to make them more inclusive. 7

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