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How to Spot a Travel Agency Talent Guru

You’re not looking to fill a new role in a travel agency or find the perfect mentor.

Instead, you want to make a connection with someone who has a similar mindset to your own.

Here are some tips for getting to know someone well and how to get them to do the same.


Don’t expect to get a job at a travel company if you’ve never worked in one before.

There are plenty of opportunities out there.

A lot of people are looking for a career change right now, and there are plenty more opportunities in the travel industry than ever before.

So if you’re interested in working in travel, you need to start here.


Don “play” by yourself.

You don’t need to be in a position of authority in the office.

When you’re with people who are like-minded and are genuinely excited about the things you do, you can create a strong bond with them.


Know your audience.

You’re more than just a marketing executive who’s trying to figure out how to make money.

You have a passion for the things that make travel more interesting.

You can use that passion to get started.


Be prepared.

You might get an internship or work in a location where you’ve previously worked.

This is important because you’ll want to be prepared to change jobs if things don’t work out.


Know how to pitch.

You’ll want a mentor who can explain the benefits of your product to you and your team.

This will help you understand what the best way to go about your work.


Know what to expect.

It’s hard to know how to be a good fit in a new job, but knowing how to handle these situations is crucial.

For instance, if you want a job in a high-growth business, you’ll probably need to meet with potential employees, which could include: 1.

A meeting with potential clients to set expectations 2.

A presentation about your team 3.

A call to share your product with potential customers (which can include meetings and calls with potential investors) 4.

A pitch for a project that could benefit from your product 5.

A conversation with potential colleagues about their experience working with you 6.

A series of emails asking them to review your pitch, so you can have a better idea of how they feel about it 7.

A phone call with potential employers to get to know you better 8.

A Skype call with a prospective client or partner to ask if they’re interested 9.

A job search that includes your contact information 10.

A resume with your resume and job description 11.

A letter from a potential employer 12.

A formal interview or interview with a recruiter or a company representative 13.

A review of your professional history and accomplishments 14.

A video review of the work you’ve done 15.

A short interview with the person you interviewed for your job 16.

A copy of the cover letter 17.

A statement from your employer or recruiter to explain why you’re an ideal fit for their company.


An online resume (and a copy of your cover letter) to give to potential employers or potential employers recruiting you 19.

A professional writing sample 20.

A portfolio of work that you’ve worked on (like your book or your website) 21.

A recommendation from a professional for your potential employers, or your professional network 22.

A list of your potential colleagues or potential mentors who might be interested in hiring you 23.

A testimonial from a current or former colleague or manager of yours that’s a bit personal, but relevant to your career path 24.

A brief writing sample from your company or a self-published book 25.

An example of your work from the past 25 years 26.

A description of what you’ve accomplished with your company, your current position, and your past accomplishments 27.

A link to your resume 28.

A personal thank you email with a note to yourself that you’re very grateful to have found a mentor like this 29.

A reminder to follow up with the same person 30.

A quick and dirty step-by-step process for finding a mentor 31.

A checklist of questions you might ask to establish your interest in a mentor 32.

A set of recommendations for a new hire (like how much money they’ll need to make, or how long they’ll be working there) 33.

A referral to a travel blog post you’ve read on a topic you care about 34.

A free email from your favorite travel blogger, travel blog editor, or travel blog publisher that explains how to help you find a mentor in your area 35.

A complimentary email from a travel blogger who’s actively helping you find someone in your industry 36.

A full-page advertisement in a local newspaper with your name and contact information in the headline and/or body 37.

A banner on a travel site promoting your company 38.

A post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites showing your work, and highlighting your achievements 39.

A promotional

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