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How to spot fake travel agencies in Thailand

WASHINGTON — A few days before he flew to Cambodia for his first official trip abroad, Stephen Curry said the first time he had visited his first country he had to walk to his hotel in Wai-Tung.

Curry, the NBA’s reigning Most Valuable Player, had to make a stop at a hotel where the hotel manager told him to pay for the room himself.

Carys wife, Kealia, was in the room.

They met at a roadside restaurant to discuss how to meet the new arrivals.

They waited in the restaurant’s waiting room for a few hours before Curry finally arrived.

A couple of days later, Curry and Kealias sister, Jaleesa, were on their way to their first day in Thailand.

The couple had been told they would be spending about three months in the country, but Curry and his wife were worried about the potential for confusion and stress.

The couple’s first stop was a luxury hotel.

They paid about $50,000 for a room, and then they went to another luxury hotel, a luxury resort.

The cost of the hotel was $1.6 million, and the resort was $5.6.

They were in Bangkok when they were scheduled to meet Curry, who would be playing in the opening game of the NBA All-Star Classic.

At the hotel, Curry said he saw a woman in a suit.

Curry asked if she was a model.

She told him she was.

Curry said they talked for about 10 minutes and then he left.

They took a plane back to Wai Tung, where Curry was staying with his family.

“We got off the plane and I was like, I want to talk to you, dude,” Curry said.

“I didn’t want to get on the plane.

I didn’t know if he would get off the flight.

So I just kind of got off and walked to the hotel and asked if they would take my picture.”

The next day, Curry was there, and he and Keshia, the older sister, met Curry for the first and only time.

They ate dinner together.

They went on a hike and rode bikes.

When they came back to the restaurant, Curry’s wife said they were going to get the food.

The restaurant manager said she could not take Curry because Curry was still on the flight and needed to make an appointment with his hotel.

Kealia was confused.

She said she knew he was going to Thailand, but she had not yet gotten her own passport.

So Curry told her to check with her family first.

The next morning, Curry, Keshias sister and Kailiah, their mother, were waiting in a hotel room for Curry to make his first trip to the United States.

Keshia said the hotel receptionist told her Curry would be on the phone at 10:30 a.m.

Curry called her in the lobby.

Curry, the family said, was late.

The receptionist said Curry was at his hotel and had been there for about three hours.

They called Kealiah and told her the same.

Kealiam was confused about where Curry had gone and why he had not arrived yet.

She asked Curry if he was late to a meeting or to his home.

Curry did not answer.

The family went to their hotel, and Khealia called her mother to say Curry was in a different room.

The family was confused when they returned from the restaurant.

Curry was nowhere to be found.

Keshiah called Curry’s agent and told him Curry was not at his home, and Curry’s team was not home.

She called his agent and said he was gone.

Curry’s father called his son’s agent, who said he had been called in.

Carr, Curry & Co., an NBA player, were not home, Curry told Keali in an interview.

Khealiah, who was driving Kealius car when the family arrived at the hotel room, said she told Curry the family would call him, but when Curry arrived he was nowhere in the car.

She was furious, Kheiah said.

Curry told the family they were there for a business meeting and that he had gone to the airport and was now on his way back.

She called Curry and told the agent that her husband was in Thailand, she said.

Kheia was furious.

Curry responded that Kealiyah had not told him that.

Kheria said Curry said she had told him.

Curry replied that she had said Kealiya had told her and that she was trying to be fair to her.

The agent said he could not do anything for Kealijah, Kheriah said, because Curry had a visa and could not make the flight to the U.S. because of his visa.

Kheria called the agent again, but again Curry’s phone was not working.

Curry left the phone

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