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Morocco: Moroccans travel agency to shut down

A Moroccan travel agency will shut down its operations after it was ordered to stop carrying foreign visitors after being accused of violating a court order.

The National Travel Authority said on Tuesday it was halting all operations at its outlets in the Moroccan capital, Casablanca, and in neighboring Morocco’s north-eastern region of Bissau, which are under the jurisdiction of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The decision was made after the Moroccan Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the travel agency should stop its operations in Casablancac, where a Moroccan court ordered it to stop operations on September 1 after a Moroccan government investigation found it had violated the court order in more than a dozen cases.

The Moroccan government has appealed the ruling, saying it did not address the legitimate needs of Moroccan citizens who were visiting Casablac and Bissaus.

The decision came after Morocco announced it would allow foreign tourists to continue to visit Casablacs hotels and bars, and also allow foreign visitors to use the same areas where the IOM was conducting its investigations.

The government also said that the IOR would continue to conduct a thorough investigation of the Casablaks hotels and restaurants, and the restaurants and bars.

Morocco’s tourism and hospitality industry was in recession in the wake of a financial crisis in 2014 that brought unemployment and poverty to the country, where the unemployment rate stands at almost 12 percent.

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