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The Noble Times Package The latest in the new wave of visa scams

The latest in the new wave of visa scams

When Visa issued a statement in late April stating that it would temporarily suspend visa processing for any visa holders from certain countries, many wondered why the visa process was being suspended.

The short answer is that Visa has stopped issuing visas in the past few months.

However, there are still plenty of visa issuers who will not take the time to issue a new visa for any new visa holder.

For the most part, visa issuer restrictions are based on a couple of key factors.

For one, there is a high demand for travel-related visas and the number of visas issued for these purposes has been decreasing for years.

Second, there’s an increase in fraudulent travel and tourism scams, and third, visa-issuing countries are becoming more diverse.

The latest in a string of visa-related scams to take place in Australia involves the issuing of new visa-granting visas for Australians.

The following scam has been popping up recently and was reported by The Sydney Morning Herald on March 28:A company called Aussie Travel Agents has been issuing new visas to Australians for the past six months, but only recently has it been noticed that a number of Australians have been unable to access them.

This scam is not unique to Australia, as other fraudulent visa issuances have been popping the headlines recently.

For example, a company called Australia’s First Expat Travel Agency recently began issuing new Australian visas in April, which were issued for those wishing to travel to Hong Kong.

In February, a similar scam was reported involving a number and a large number of new visas issued in Sydney and Melbourne.

Last month, it was reported that Australian-based travel agency AussieTravelers was offering visas for $150,000 to Australians who applied for them, without any explanation or proof of any previous visa or employment.

As the scams continue to escalate, it is important to remember that there are no easy fixes.

This issue is not a new one and can be fixed, but it is becoming more prevalent with each passing day.

The best way to protect yourself is to always verify with your travel agent the validity of any new visas you may be applying for and be wary of any scams.

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