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The Noble Times Hotel What to know about travel and dining at pet travel agencies

What to know about travel and dining at pet travel agencies

In the UK, pets are allowed to travel to and from places such as airports, festivals, museums, theatres, museums and theme parks, where they are not permitted to be kept as pets.

However, pets cannot travel to any of the UK’s main tourist attractions and will not be allowed to be housed in their owner’s home or travel companion vehicles, nor can they be left with anyone.

In Australia, pet travel agents are allowed in some parts of the country to operate out of their owner-occupied properties, but the rules around their business are strict.

In some parts, the owners can apply for permission to allow their pets to travel with them and are allowed under certain circumstances to leave them in their home for up to 72 hours per day.

These are known as ‘custody-based’ rules.

The rules have been tightened in Australia in recent years and a new law is expected to be passed later this year.

The law states that the owner can apply to the Federal Court to allow a dog or cat to travel from the premises of a property where the owner is the sole occupant, or where they can be left alone to travel, but there is no time limit on this.

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Forestry says that in recent months, the number of dogs travelling in to Australia from overseas has increased, as a result of an increase in the number in local dog parks and pet cafes.

The department says it is working closely with the Australian Pet Owners Association (APOA) and the Australian Kennel Club (AKC) to ensure that there are no undue restrictions placed on the safe keeping and handling of dogs in Australia.

“We’ve taken a number of steps to increase the safety and welfare of our dogs,” APOA chief executive Steve Wilson said.

“In the past few years, we’ve also introduced new laws to protect the welfare of Australian dogs, and to help the industry become more competitive.”

It’s important to stress that there is always a risk when bringing a dog into Australia, especially when they have a history of behaviour problems or other issues with the local community, but these new laws will ensure that pets are treated with the utmost care.

“What to do if you suspect a dog may be being kept as a pet?

If you suspect that your pet is being kept for food or other purposes, you can contact a dog rescue or rescue centre, such as the Australian Humane Society.

If your pet does not appear to be being cared for properly, the APOA recommends that you contact the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) for advice.

If you have any questions, contact the APOAs emergency hotline on 1300 659 543 or the APA’s online advice line.

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